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Incorporated in 1921

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Welcome to the Village of Delanson

Welcome to the Village of Delanson



Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for 2015

The Draft of the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for 2015 has been posted on the County Emergency Management page.  The public comment period will  be open until October 12th.  You can view the plan at

A public meeting will take place on Monday, 7:00 PM, Sept. 21, 2015 at the Princetown Town Hall, 165 Princetown Plaza, Princetown.

The purpose of the meeting will be to review the draft plan and the hazards that are most likely to impact the Towns of Duanesburg, Princetown and the Village of Delanson. In addition, we will examine the Draft Goals, Objectives and Strategies that have been formulated in the plan to reduce the impacts of hazards in a cost effective manner.  For more information, see the NOTICE.


Delanson Receives FEMA Grant for New Fire Equipment

Fire Chief  Sees Boost in Confidence for Unit’s 10 Firefighters

Thanks to the efforts of Fire Chief Kevin Morrison, the Village of Delanson has been awarded a grant for 10 self-contained breathing apparatuses, or SCBAs.  “This new equipment will take the place of 23-year-old gear whose straps were falling off and that used heavy steel packs that we had to lug around when confronted by a fire,” said Fire Chief Kevin Morrison.  The company’s old equipment was also out of compliance with state safety regulations, he added.

The Delanson Fire Company, with 10 volunteer firefighters, serves a village of roughly 370 residents and responds to some 115 calls per year.  “These SCBAs are a huge plus for the village and the department,” Chief Morrison said.  “Not only are they equipped with distress signals that enable a firefighter to signal for help, but they also allow a comrade to provide oxygen from his or her own cylinder.  “On top of it all,” he said “we could not have afforded this lifesaving upgrade,” which is a big boost in confidence and morale for our volunteers.”

The SCBAs were provided by an Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the agency’s grants director for Region II, Dale McShine, said in New York City today.  The equipment’s cost is $56,650, with the federal share coming to $53,953.  “Our AFG program has been aiding firefighters and other first responders since 2001,” said Ms. McShine.  “It’s most gratifying to be able to help like this.”

“This grant provides resources to replace outdated equipment critical for the safety of our firefighters,” said Delanson Mayor Gayle Gifford. “We’re a very small community with a very small volunteer fire company. But big or small, all fire companies share the same goal: to protect and serve their communities’ citizens.”

Citing how paramount it is to keep responders protected, Mayor Gifford continued, “Thanks to FEMA’s AFG program, Delanson’s firefighters will now be properly shielded in their hazardous work.  I congratulate Chief Morrison for his determination and hard work.  Thank you FEMA for recognizing Delanson as a worthy recipient for this award.”

Tania Hedlund, FEMA’s regional Grants Branch Chief, explained that “the AFG program provides critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training, and other resources to protect the public and emergency personnel from fire and related hazards.”

In 2013, the AFG provided funding of $21.9 million to 192 Fire Departments and EMS agencies throughout Region II, which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  For the first time ever, funding was awarded to a State Fire Training Academy in the region: the NYS State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.

For further information, please contact William H. Douglass at FEMA: 212-680-3665 or 917-561-3223


Newsletter Subscription

You can now go paperless and sign up here online to receive the Village Newsletter via email. This is a FREE service and you can always unsubscribe at anytime by contacting the Village Clerk and requesting your name be removed from the Newsletter Email Mailing list. Simply go to Newsletter” on the main menu and click the drop down “Subscribe” or  CLICK HERE


Complaints of Idling Trains

It is prohibited by Local Law 2-1990 for trains to idle within the Village limits for more than 30 minutes.  Complaints of trains idling for prolonged periods of time should be directed to the CP Railway Community Connects Line at 1-800-766-7912.  For a thorough investigation of the incident, the following facts must be presented at the time of the complaint.

  • Date the train was idling in the Village.
  • Time of day the train came into Village and left the Village if you know it.  Otherwise, length of time you observed the train idling in Village
  • Nearest Crossing Location (Use crossing # 250195D, which is the crossing number for Main street, Delanson)
  • Engine Number (4 digit number of the first engine of the train – can be found on side of engine or on the front above the engineers front window)

When you call the 1-800-766-7912 number, you will get a menu driven voice mail system.  Following the prompts will allow you to leave a message for the CP rail police to investigate.  Incidents must be reported within 24 – 48 hours of the occurrence to be investigated.  In addition to the information above, leave your name, address and phone number.   Keep a list of all the dates and times you have called to complain about the train.  This information can then be gathered by the Village and sent to Federal & State agencies that may assist us in prohibiting the trains from idling in the Village.


Email Notification System

The Village of Delanson has initiated this Email Notification system so residents can be notified by email immediately of important information or any emergency situation that has developed in the Village.  Examples would be water main breaks, water main repairs, hydrant flushing, sudden changes in Village services such as garbage pickup or snow plowing, flooding, road closings, damaged roads etc..  Emails will not be sent for normal news items, notices or scheduled events. In addition, updates will be emailed to keep residents informed of the ongoing circumstances as new information is received by the Village until the event or emergency is over. There is no cost for this service.  

Simply fill in your email address in the box on the lower left sidebar of this page and click the SUBSCRIBE button.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm your decision to receive these bulletins.  Once we receive your confirmation, you will be added to our mailing list to receive theses notices. OR, you can send an email to and ask to be added to the email notification list.  That’s it!  Please do not send an email to the village clerk as this will not add your name to the notification list.

Your privacy is important to us. Your email address will not be shared, sold or used in any other capacity and you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link on any email you receive or by contacting the web guy at We hope this new feature will not only help keep our residents well informed but safer during emergency situations.

  • Upcoming Events

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    • October 31, 2015 – Halloween at the Firehouse
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    • November 2, 2015 – Planning Board Meeting
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    • November 14, 2015 – Hydrant Flushing
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  • Garbage Pickup

    Garbage pickup is every Wednesday unless it is a holiday.  If it falls on a holiday or a holiday falls before pickup day, garbage will be picked up the next day.   Please have  your garbage placed by the curb before 7:00AM.
    If you have any questions, please call 895-2199.
     Thank you.

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