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MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 2014   7:00 pm

Please take notice that the Planning Board of the Village of Delanson, New York, will meet at the village hall, 1797 main street on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm for the purpose of hearing all persons interested in the application of:

Minor subdivision plat, for Fred Rosasco regarding property located at 225 & 227 School Drive, is seeking approval of the subdivision.

Penny Holbrook
Village Clerk
August 14, 2014


♥ CP Rail Community Connection Line – Complaints for Idling Trains

Complaints of trains idling for prolonged periods of time should be directed to the CP Railway Community Connects Line at 1-800- 766-7912 or by email at:

For a thorough investigation of the incident, the following facts must be presented at the time of the complaint.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (crossing # 250195D,  location – Main street, Delanson)
  • Engine Number (number off of first engine)


Incidents must be reported within 24 – 48 hours of the occurrence to be investigated.


Concert in the Park – at the Gazebo

The 2014 Concert in the Park Music Schedule is available NOW!  Bring a chair or a blanket and enjoy the live music.  It’s all FREE.  CLICK HERE to see or download the schedule or go to our Events Calendar to see the scheduled dates.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2013

The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2013 has been distributed in compliance with N.Y.S regulations.  The purpose of this report is raise your understanding of the  quality of the water you drink and the need to protect the our drinking water sources.  To read the full report, please CLICK HERE.


New Email Notification System

The Village of Delanson has initiated a new Email Notification system whereby residents can be notified by email immediately of important information or any emergency situation that has developed in the Village.  Examples would be water main brakes, water main repairs, hydrant flushing, sudden changes in Village services such as garbage pickup or snow plowing, flooding, road closings, damaged roads etc..  Emails will not be sent for normal news items, notices or scheduled events.

In addition, updates will be emailed to keep residents informed of the ongoing circumstances as new information is received by the Village until the event or emergency is over.

There is no cost for this service.  Simply fill in your email address in the box on the lower left sidebar of this page and click the SUBMIT button.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm your decision to receive these bulletins.  Once we receive your confirmation, you will be added to our mailing list to receive theses notices.

Your privacy is important to us, so your email address will not be shared, sold or used in any other capacity and you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link on any email you receive or by contacting the web guy at

We hope this new feature will not only help keep our residents well informed but safer during emergency situations.


Board Met with Lamont Engineers

The Village of Delanson Village Board and Lamont Engineers met Monday, September 23rd at 4:00 pm to visit the subject properties specified below.  They reviewed engineering and required permits associated with repairs to areas in and around our Municipal Water Source funded by FEMA in response to damage sustained during hurricane Irene.

      Lower Reservoir – Broken concrete Spillway and washed out Rip Rap

Repair damaged concrete discharge spillway at the Lower Reservoir in an area 12’ x 15’ x 6” thick.  Directly below the spillway, flood waters washed out a concrete headwall 15’ x 2’ x 1’ and the erosion control Rip Rap in an area 15’ x 20’ x 2’.

      McMillan Well – Well inlet Basin Debris

Remove earth and rock debris in an area 42 ft x 30 ft x 8 ft deep = 373 cy, and 30 ft x 28 ft x 3 ft = 94 cy in the upper creek at the upper side of the Main Catch basin at McMillan Well.   In the Main catch basin, at the McMillan Well there are 2 – areas of debris. (1#) is the elevated pile of earth and rock debris above the water level in an area 57 ft x 40 ft x 5 ft deep = 423 cy, and area (#2) is the debris below the water line 60 ft x 40 ft x 4 ft = 355 cy.

     McMillan Well — Concrete Dam Wall and Gabion Retaining Wall Baskets

Repair gabion retaining wall 20’ x 6’ x 3’ along the McMillan Well basin perimeter, and repair washed away 5’ x 2’ x 3’ section of concrete dam spillway wall and footing.

     Upper Reservoir – Dam, Spillway, and Foot Bridge

Replace and repair eroded earthen and rock filled dam at the Upper Reservoir for 1000’ long x 3’ wide x 4’ deep,  a wooden foot bridge 28’ long x 8’ wide, and concrete spillway below the bridge in an area 10’ long x 26’ wide x 6” thick.