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Incorporated in 1921

Planning Board

Planning Board Meeting

Next Meeting: December 4th, 2017.  Deadline for Submissions:  November 24th 2017

  • Dan Lindh – Chairman   contact at: or 895-2199
  • James Hyde – Secretary
  •  Al Zubal
  • Roy Loftfield

If you need to meet with the Planning Board please contact the either James Hyde – secretary of the Planning Board at or the Village Clerk at 895-2199 or 895-6034 to arrange for a meeting.

Normally the Village Planning Board meets 7:00 PM on the 1st Monday of every month at the Village Hall.  If contemplating a zoning application, please contact the Chairman no later than 10 days before a scheduled meeting. Scheduled meetings can be found on the Events Calendar.

We ask that all residents present plans for construction to the Planning Board prior to requesting a building permit.   Applications for this purpose have been created and are available on this website or at the Village Clerk’s office.

It is highly recommended and in the best interest of all parties to start with the Sketch Plan Review.  The Planning Board has created this new tool to aid residents in the Site Plan review process.  The Sketch Plan Application, when filled out and submitted, allows the Planning Board to give solid feedback to the applicant as to the feasibility of a given project before the applicant invests money in a formal Site Plan Review, Special Use Permit or Subdivision Application.

Applications should be filed with the Village Clerk at least 10 days prior to the next Planning Board meeting.  The Events Calendar  on this website will show you when the next Planning Board meeting will be held.

Planning Board News

Proposed 42 Unit Apartment Complex

On Jan 23, 2017 the Planning Board met to review a sketch plan submitted by Mr.Troy Miller for a 72 unit apartment complex he would like to build next to the YMCA.  Current zoning law will not allow such a complex.  Mr. Miller was redirected to the Zoning Board of Appeals with a list of appeals for approval by the ZBA before the Site Plan Review process could be started.

Mr. Miller has since approached the Village Board and said he would reduce the development to 42 units and asked the Village Board to change the zoning laws to accommodate his development. Village Board members asked Mr Miller to provide the Village Board with a suggested edit to our zoning law that provides language relevant to a Planned Unit Development within our zoning laws.  Mr. Miller has submitted his suggested edits of the Village Zoning Law to the Village Board for their consideration.


The Village Board in conjunction with the Planning Board decided that adding Planned Unit Development legislation (PUD) to our current zoning laws was not necessary at this time.  The Village and Planning Boards will continue their work updating our zoning laws to address the changing needs of the Village.

Proposed Laundromat

On March 6, 2017, the Planning Board met to review  a sketch plan submitted by Mr. Jeff Iveson and Steve Micheli for a laundromat to be built on Railroad Ave behind the post office. The property the laundromat is to be built on did not meet current zoning law requirements therefore Mr. Iveson and Mr. Micheli were redirected to the Zoning Board of Appeals for approval before the Site Plan Review process could begin.





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